Gifting with Melanie Casey

Melanie Casey is a purveyor of fine, handcrafted jewelry made locally in Andover, Massachusetts. The brand's thoughtful designs and commitment to quality have amassed a significant following since its 2014 launch.

Melanie Casey came to Barrel to audit its existing site and identify gaps and opportunities in its current user experience. During our UX audit, our team generated high-priority insights to increase sales and delight customers. One of the key insights was that there was a major opportunity for gifting. Knowing that gifting accounts for a significant amount of the brand's sales, and with no current way to gift a product on the site, we designed and developed a custom gifting flow that integrates seamlessly into the checkout process.

This fully responsive flow gives the customer the option to select a gift box add-on, learn more about these add-ons, and include a free gift note, all within the slide-out mini cart. Since its launch, the gifting flow has proven to be a massive success, resulting in a surge in gifting and add-on purchases.

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