Harlem Village Academies Gets a New Website

Harlem Village Academics is a network of charter schools in Harlem, New York. Founded by Deborah Kenny, HVA strives to provide education that helps students become independent thinkers and compassionate individuals who make meaningful contributions to society.

We worked with HVA to redesign and develop their website, which plays an important role in the recruitment of new teachers. The website, built on WordPress, features flexible templates that allow the HVA team to create unique, content-rich pages.

"As a public charter school marketing director overseeing a team of one (me), when it came time to overhaul our website, I needed to find an agency that could support me in every way imaginable; from creating inviting, mobile first job application experiences, to patiently reminding me that I might need to refresh my browser to see my WordPress changes. ☺

The team at Barrel embraced the unique challenges of our project, adapted their timeline and workflow to meet our needs, helped us to define our brand, highlight our strengths, focus our message, and overall, they guided our product to be as efficient and effective as possible. Most importantly, they were responsive. Every question, change, or request got immediate attention and quick solutions. I couldn’t have been happier with the product or the process."

John Korpics, Chief of Marketing

We were fortunate to work with John Korpics, the Chief of Marketing at HVA, whose web savvy and creative skills (the website's photos were all taken by him) pushed our team to create UX and technical solutions that led to a visually impactful website with performance and usability top of mind. The result is a robust platform that's designed to be a central communications and marketing tool for years to come.

By Peter Kang, Co-founder and Creative Director

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