Helping Guys Look and Feel Amazing With Tiege Hanley

Barrel launched a new website for Tiege Hanley, a mens skin care company. The company was founded on the belief that most men don't know much about skin care, the existing products were complicated and confusing, and the products were too expensive for the average consumer. The result was a subscription-only business where men can opt into various levels of skin care and acne systems.

The new site, built on Shopify Plus and ReCharge, was focused on helping educate consumers on the Tiege Hanley system and increasing overall conversions on the site. The site was designed and built to be mobile-first, and optimized for the various funnels leading to the site from organic, social and paid channels.

The site features a custom ReCharge dashboard where subscribers can customize their subscription details including frequency, plan, and adding one-time products to their next order.

Barrel has collaborated with numerous e-commerce brands to think strategically about their digital experiences. The work with Tiege Hanley adds to the agency’s growing roster of clients on Shopify Plus such as MOSCOT, Hurom, Gitman, Peach & Lily, Sakara, and SmartyPants Vitamins.See the site at

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