A New Look for Cheapism

Cheapism scours the Internet to find the best products and experiences for the best prices. Focusing on a wide range of content types like detailed reviews and expansive articles, Cheapism has information on the best deals from "Best Cheap Tires" to "Best Cheap Burgers in America".

Barrel worked with Cheapism to update their branding and launch a new website to better promote their large collection of content in a more visual and organized way.

A main focus for us was making sure that the site was approachable and that the wealth of content did not overwhelm users. To do this, we relied on strong colors to clearly divide content on the page and easy-to-identify iconography to sort content by post type such as Reviews, Articles, and Slideshows.

We also created slideshow articles, one of Cheapism's most popular content types, that allow users to explore the content by either a traditional article format or through a fullscreen slideshow style. By utilizing the slideshow style, Cheapism is able to promote more visual content in a more immersive format.

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