A New Website for the Makers of Outstanding Gin

Cambridge Distillery is an award-winning and innovative distillery based in Cambridge, UK specializing in gins. They are also well-known for offering "tailored gin", a unique experience in which customers can work with the Cambridge Distillery team to create a unique blend that's custom tailored for their tastes.

Barrel worked with the Cambridge Distillery team to build a new Shopify-based website in time for the holiday season. With direct online sales of spirits less prohibitive in the UK vs. the US, we were eager to build a website that would be a significant revenue-generator for the distillery.

Cambridge Distillery About Page

The website features extensive imagery of not only the products, but the surrounding beauty and botanical abundance of Cambridge that inspired founders Will and Lucy to open the distillery. We developed a robust product page template that highlights the uniqueness of the different gin products as well as the unique methodology that made them possible.Check out the site at

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