Overcoming Stress with BraveFace

BraveFace empowers people who want to be the best they can with the tools they need to overcome unwanted feelings of stress and worry.

Barrel worked with Douglas Pharmaceuticals to launch an ecommerce site which provides customers with access to a trio of one-of-a kind supplements.

Inspired by the brand values of ambition and courage, Barrel developed a visual design system that balances bold messaging, fearless models, and elements that break the frame.

BraveFace desktop designs

On product pages, playful scenes highlight the benefits of each product, and a streamlined navigation focuses the customers attention on key calls to action.

BraveFace mobile designs

To highlight the benefits of BraveFace, Barrel developed a series of pages focused on the feeling of stress, and how to address it.

BraveFace About and Science pages

"As our company embarked on the development of our first direct-to-consumer brand, we knew that the right web development partner was critical to its success. Barrel has exceeded expectations. The project has run smoothly from start to finish despite being in different time zones (we are in New Zealand). It’s rare to find an agency who can deliver so highly on the design, technical build and project management. We are incredibly happy with the results and have been receiving great feedback form our customers so far."

– Katherine Douglas, Head of Global Marketing at Douglas Pharmaceuticals

Check out the site here.

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