Redefining the GPS Experience with Spytec

Since 2001, Spytec has been on a mission to build the best location-based GPS tools. Their aim is to provide peace of mind to their customers by offering safe, secure, and discreet GPS trackers with an accompanying real-time app. Barrel worked closely with the Spytec team to create a world-class ecommerce experience for the relaunch of their website.

Desktop and Mobile Homepage

The new site is hosted on Shopify Plus and features a new visual direction for the brand. Key pages provide further information about both the hardware and the software Spytec sells and how the two work together in harmony. Comparison charts, feature callouts, and a product finder quiz all guide users to the hardware solution that best fits their needs.

Spytec Product Detail Page
Spytec Mobile Images

A series of "Solutions" landing pages detail specific use cases where potential customers may be actively searching to use a GPS tracker. These pages explain how Spytec's product offering can help alleviate a prospective customer's problems while offering a recommended product for that need.

Spytec Use Cases

Additionally, we extended the new brand system by strategizing, designing, and building a series of automated emails that touch on every aspect of a customer's experience. This includes a comprehensive welcome series, abandoned cart flow, milestone, and cross-sell emails.

Spytec Emails

Check out the site here.

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