Setting a New Universal Standard

Universal Standard is the most inclusive fashion brand in the world with sizes 00-40. They're on a mission to erase the line between plus-size and straight-size fashion and give all women access to stylish, quality clothing they can look and feel their best in.

As part of an ongoing partnership, Universal Standard came to us looking to reimagine their Capsule Outfit Building Boxes experience, an instant wardrobe in a box with high-quality, interchangeable essentials with maximum outfitting potential. Each box contains a set number of capsule pieces that can be translated into multiple outfits, taking the stress out of styling. We built a landing page to describe the boxes, highlight the different capsules, and show ways of wearing different capsules. We also rethought the user experience of how to build the boxes, creating a mobile-first app-like experience that makes shopping seamless.

The functionality was built on Shopify Plus and architected to solve past pain points regarding selecting products within capsules. With the new implementation, the Universal Standard team can independently create or remove capsules as they’d like, giving them the ability to merchandise with new products or seasons.

Check out the Capsule Outfit Building Boxes pages here.

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