Taking High Brew to New Heights

High Brew is a cold brew coffee brand raised in Austin, Texas. After many mornings brewing their own cold brew on a family trip at sea, co-founders David and Elizabeth were inspired to craft a premium and tasty cold brew coffee in a can, ready-to-drink for any adventure. We worked with High Brew to launch their new e-commerce experience on Shopify and create a digital brand system that extends across channels.

"Our experience with the Barrel team was nothing but positive. They entrenched themselves in our brand, listened to our vision and created a path to bring this to life. We were pleased with the creativity Barrel brought to the table, elevating our vision. An area of concern for our team was on-going upkeep and maintenance. Barrel provided us a thorough and easy to understand tutorial that has already been applied successfully. The final product is one we are proud of and exceeds our expectations."

Mari Johnson, Vice President of Marketing

Inspired by High Brew's diverse product assortment, the online store features color-themed product pages that help consumers differentiate between taste and sweetness. For those who just can't wait for a taste, the store also features a store locator that makes it easy for consumers to find High Brew nearby. To help the High Brew team when developing photo and video content in the future, we also developed a robust creative direction document that outlines guidelines and inspiration for everything from composition to subject matter.Jump in at

By Lucas Ballasy, Partner & Associate Creative Director

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