Taking on Food Allergies with Lil Mixins

Lil Mixins develops easy-to-use early introduction foods that help parents reduce the risk of food allergies in their children. Recently, the way we think about allergies and the way they can be prevented has completely changed. Consistently making allergens part of a baby’s diet has been proven to help reduce the risk of food allergies. Lil Mixins powders are easy to mix into whatever a baby is eating, and is as easy as scoop & mix!

Looking to enhance the brand and become a leader in early introduction, Lil Mixins collaborated with Barrel on a new website along with content for their products: Infant Peanut, Baked Egg Powder, and Infant Tree Nut Powder.

A core part of the content creation was to strike a balance between playful and trustworthy. Our solution was utilizing vibrant, colorful backgrounds to represent the different product types, as well as introducing raw ingredients into the content to emphasize the pure and simple ingredients in Lil Mixins.The Barrel team was also tasked with producing a 'How to Use' video for Lil Mixins. Utilizing stop motion to bring a fun and approachable style for the video, our objective was to illustrate how simple it is to incorporate Lil Mixins into your daily life.

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