The 2019 Barrel Recap

Recently, we've found ourselves dreaming of we launched the 2019 Barrel Recap!We wanted to create an exciting and interactive landing page to serve as a time capsule of the projects we worked on last year.

Barrel 2019 Recap Website Design

We built and designed the site entirely on Webflow, using the platform for continuous scroll, interaction effects, and different animations throughout. The continuous scroll allows us to house all our projects on the same page, without sacrificing design. design concept was inspired by the bright and playful websites of the '90s, which you can see reflected in the color palette, typography, and animations. One Page Love even gave us a "Most Loved Website" award!

Barrel 2019 Recap Instagram Stories

Webflow made it easy to embed videos and create animated hover states to make the page lively and whimsical. To see more, check out the recap here.

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