Transforming Patient Care With Yinova

Yinova is a New York based acupuncture and wellness center best know for their speciality in women's fertility. They were founded by renowned acupuncturists Jill Blakeway and Noah Rubinstein. Jill is the author of multiple New York Times best selling books, and is most well known for Making Babies, which details Yinova's 3-month fertility plan to optimize their patient's chances to conceive. Rooted in Chinese medicine, Yinova partners with their patients to tailor individual treatments that address each patient’s internal landscape, addressing the root of the problem versus the symptom. They have an in-office herb pharmacy where they curate custom herbal formulas for their patients. Due to their growing popularity, they recently opened their second location in Brooklyn Heights, and will be opening a third location in Midtown in August 2019.

In conjunction with their rebrand, Yinova came to us to design a site that educates customers about their unique patient-first method, encourages appointment bookings at the center, and drives conversions on their online shop. In order to make the booking experience more streamlined, we designed a booking page with a customized Mind Body integration.

Yinova Mobile

With Yinova’s ever-growing needs as an expanding company with new locations, books and events, we took a modular approach to the site design. In WordPress, Yinova is able to create pages and change the order of content based on their current needs, so that the site would scale and be flexible with their company.

Yinova Ecosystem

In support of the new locations opened, our Studio_B team produced video and photography assets that showcase the new space. We also created custom iconography and illustrations to visualize each of the components of acupuncture.

"Barrel's skill and expertise coupled with their willingness to listen and truly collaborate with us meant that we were able to create a website that not only functions well and looks beautiful, but also deeply reflects our center and our message.

Prior to working with Barrel, our site was home to a lot of really great content that, due to the amount of information, was unwieldy and difficult to use. Barrel did a wonderful job of transforming a huge website by creating a clear structure and organizational flow that now makes it much easier for our patients to access information pertinent to them. In fact, following our launch we noticed that the time spent on the site increased by almost 30%.

We’re really grateful to have found a team that worked with us every step of the way and who created something for us that we can feel truly proud of."

Emma Thake, Director of Marketing, Yinova

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