Trendspotting with Well+Good

Well+Good is the premier digital lifestyle publication for wellness news and trends. Every year, the brand launches an annual Trends Hub to give readers a glimpse into the next year in wellness. For this year's 10th anniversary, Barrel designed a custom branded experience for the Trends Hub, as part of our ongoing partnership with Well+Good. The 2020 Trends Hub features a curated list of "Wellness Changemakers," or big players in the wellness industry, forecasted trends for the year, and a recap of the past decade in wellness.

Well+Good asked Barrel to design and develop a new Trends Hub landing page on WordPress that would set the tone for the brand in 2020. We aimed to create a unique experience that was an extension of their existing digital identity: sophisticated, but lively. We brought the Trends Hub to life through subtle page animations and transitions that catch the eye without overwhelming it. Knowing that Well+Good's website is mobile-first, we optimized the mobile experience to encourage exploration and discovery of content.


Overall, the landing page showcases what Well+Good does best: well-curated content that's always ahead of the curve.Check out the website at

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