Wanderlust Goes International

Wanderlust, a premier yoga lifestyle brand for mindful living, has been increasing their reach internationally. They are now expanding to a number of cities across the world to bring their brand of yoga festivals and events to a location near you. Wanderlust needed to allow international partners to translate content, manually override content displayed per region, and continue to drive traffic toward their Events and Festivals within the region. To solve this, Barrel recently launched a new internationalization feature for Wanderlust, which included extensive work on the content management system. The site, in addition to allowing partners to manage content in their native languages, now includes geolocation detection and a menu that allows users to self-select their region, country, and language.

As a rapidly growing, global events & media company, we often face complex strategic & technical challenges. We’re lucky to tap into Barrel’s expertise, beyond a typical client / agency relationship, as an extension of our own internal team. After working closely for a few years, Barrel now plays an instrumental role in turning our visions into reality. And perhaps greatest of all, is their commitment & dedication to ensuring our needs are met, at all costs.

Arthur Shim, VP Technology

Launching this feature was a challenge—finding a way to not only manage the content for different regions, but also to allow the underlying web application to scale with a broader global audience and specific language needs. We were able to find the right solution while lowering response times in the process. See the features in action at

By Wes Turner, Partner & Director of Technology

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