Welcoming the Thinsters Rebrand with a Fresh Website

Thinsters, formerly known as Mrs. Thinsters, unveiled their new branding at retailers across the country. To welcome the updated look, parent company That's How We Roll (also the makers of the tasty ParmCrisps, whose website we helped to launch) enlisted Barrel in creating the new Thinsters website.

The website features various brand elements and animation details that reflect the playfulness and colorful aspects of the new branding.

We also paid a great deal of attention to the mobile experience in order to ensure that the website would augment any influencer and social media marketing that would lead to the website and encourage interactions such as lookups on the store locator.

Barrel works closely with a number of food and beverage clients including KIND, Bare Snacks, ZUPA NOMA, and Austin Eastciders. Thinsters is a delicious and innovative snack that we're proud to add to our portfolio of clients.Check out the website at

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