Helping Lil Mixins Connect More Effectively with New Parents

Lil Mixins provides early immune support for mom and babies to mitigate the risk of allergies before they start. Barrel recently worked with Lil Mixins to reimagine their email marketing automation flows to deepen trust and connection with new parents looking to learn more about infant immune health.

Founded by Meenal Lele, mother of two and author of The Baby and the Biome: How the Tiny World Inside Your Child Holds the Secret to Their Health, Lil Mixins was created to build protection against common food allergens along with a baby’s first bites. 

Introduction of Daily Mix

As part of an ongoing collaboration with our longtime client Lil Mixins, Barrel reimagined existing email automation flows on Klaviyo after the release of Prenatal Probiotics & the Breast/Formula Feeding Duo. Barrel designed the emails to be a comprehensive resource hub educating consumers on the full system that Lil Mixins offers: Prenatal, Feeding, and Solids.

Welcome Email Flow

An important feature of the emails is to effectively educate readers on the Lil Mixins System, which starts in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy followed by formula feeding, breastfeeding, and when a baby starts solid foods.

Importance of Prenatal Probiotics vs Prenatal Vitamins

Because the early introduction of allergens acts as training wheels for a baby’s stomach, the graphics simplify how Lil Mixins can solve the concerns of infant eczema and food allergies at every stage.

The email designs are actionable and highly educational for parents and caregivers interested in learning about infant immune health. The informative modules highlighted by lifestyle imagery provide a detailed breakdown on the benefits of the Lil Mixins System. 

Lil Mixins' Modules

For more info, check out their website here:

Lil Mixins provides early immune support for mom and babies to mitigate the risk of allergies before they start.

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