Make your Next Big Move with Rentacrate

Rentacrate is a direct-to-consumer moving equipment company that makes moving simple, sustainable, and smart. Barrel continues our long-term partnership with Rentacrate to help execute the brand’s goal of helping prospective movers reduce carbon footprint and to enjoy their new place stress-free.

For many people, moving is a stressful experience. You have to pack up all your belongings, find a place to put them and then hire movers. Rentacrate alleviates the stress of moving for both homes and businesses by providing sustainable moving tools as well as a full-suite of services & labor tailored for commercial moves.

The new “How It Works” page provides a 360 view on the Rentacrate process through a step-by-step guide to address pain points of moving for their 2 audiences - commercial & residential movers. The residential movers page provides a step-by-step guide on how to use the crates and tips for getting started. It also highlights an easy online checkout process, which helps you get started on moving day without ever having to call someone for help.

Residential vs Commercial "How It Works"

In our more recent collaboration, we shifted our attention to the commercial side of the business as we aimed to reduce inbound customer calls, giving salespeople an easy-to-use and easy-to-present tool when talking with customers that have unique needs outside of Rentacrate's standard commercial crate bundles.

We created an educational system for both audiences that showcases Rentacrate’s commitment to a cleaner environment with the launch of their new Sustainability page. This comprehensive experience includes a calculator that shows their environmental impact for both residential and commercial moves.

Sustainability Page

It presents clear and digestible information of moving sustainability with their 100% recyclable plastic crates. To further its mission towards a greener future, the page also features other eco-services such as shredding and electronic recycling.

“Being an innovator in a business vertical is hard work, but it’s the work I love. How do you take a service that’s required a quote for the last 50 years and make it a one-click checkout? How do actually reduce the impact and waste associated with the moving industry? How do service both residential and commercial customers in a beautiful, thoughtful and personalized way? Barrel has been the perfect partner along the way to not only build the innovative experience, but also helping us communicate that to our customers.”

—Dylan Figlo, CMO, Rentacrate

Check out their website here :

Barrel continues our long-term partnership with Rentacrate to help execute the brand’s goal of helping prospective movers reduce carbon footprint.

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