Choosy: A New On-Demand Social Shopping Platform

Barrel launched a new digital shopping experience with Choosy. Choosy is an on-demand social shopping platform where collections are inspired weekly based on the most in-demand fashions on Instagram. The company releases 5 new products twice a week, and the pieces are available only for a limited-time basis.

Choosy’s agile process allows it to produce garments within 48 hours of them trending online. It makes only what their customers demand, which allows the company to maintain a zero-balance inventory and minimize wasteful production of excess clothing. Since Choosy owns its entire supply chain, from design and fabric sourcing to production and shipping, it can maintain the highest standards of quality control over every step of the process.

The Choosy website, built on Shopify Plus, introduces an innovative interface for shopping with a full-screen product browsing experience on desktop. The mobile experience is unique from the desktop experience and features a tap/swipe browsing interface that mirrors familiar UX patterns from popular social media apps. The site utilizes Shopify Launchpad to automate the drop of 5 new products twice a week and has a backlog of past styles where people can add themselves to a wishlist if the products come back in stock.

The Studio_B team at Barrel worked with Choosy to bring to life the lifestyle video and photo content used on the website and turned around subway ads within 48 hours that launched across 2,000+ subway cars in New York City. See our case study for more information on the content created.For the past 12 years, Barrel has collaborated with numerous e-commerce brands to think strategically about their digital experiences. Barrel’s work with Choosy will add to the agency’s growing roster of clients such as MOSCOT, Gitman, Bastide, Peach & Lily, and Sakara.Check out the site at

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