Starting a Chain Reaction with Pop & Suki

Created by two real-life best friends, Suki Waterhouse & Poppy Jamie, Pop & Suki just dropped their first collection of classic jewelry, designed for a new generation.

Inspired by lasting friendship and a “one for you, one for me” attitude, the new collection—called “Chain Reaction”—features a number of classic chain styles that have been redesigned to be bigger and bolder.

Pop & Suki approached Barrel to help create an immersive “pop-up” homepage that tells the story of the new collection. Inspired by the collection’s bold style, Barrel designed an interactive experience that plays off of collage and juxtaposition to create a fantasy world where users can browse the new collection and fall into the story that surrounds the jewelry line.

Through the use of subtle animation, scale, and layering we were able to bring this otherworldly experience to life while making sure the site remained ecomm-focused and easy to shop.

Check out the site here.

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