Leverage Ads and Landing Pages to Fuel Segmentation

Email segmentation can lead to major gains, not just for your email performance, but for business performance. Hubspot says it leads to as high as 760% increases in revenue. Mailchimp highlights that opens are 14% higher and clicks are 100% higher in segmented campaigns.

The hard part is identifying where it’s worth it to segment. It takes time to plan out a segmentation strategy, and it takes more effort to create unique emails to reach each of those segments.

But by effectively leveraging Facebook ads and landing pages to fuel your segmentation, you can build a growth loop for more effective marketing campaigns.

Ads are one of the few places where you get to control the messaging flow because you pick the audience, you create the message, and you select the landing page. That means you know some very critical things about this audience:

  • Who are they? 

You set the audience...is it grandparents? Is it people in NY making over $150k and working in marketing? Or maybe it's just a set of interests. No matter what it is, you know this because you set the criteria.

  • What do they care about? 

Whether you targeted based on interest, demographic, or even broad audience, you know that the ad you showed them resonated enough that they took action. Whatever messaging you put in that ad matters to them.

  • Were they ready to take action? 

You can make some assumptions on where they are in the purchasing process based on their behavior on the landing page. Did they take action or not? If they didn’t you can set retargeting ads to try again and frame the problem/solution a bit differently. 

Did they sign up for your email list? Great, you can send focused messaging to walk with them from “not ready to buy” to “ready to buy.” 

Did they make a purchase? Phenomenal, now you know they were either super ready or this ad and landing page combo is a goldmine.

When someone does sign up on the landing page or make a purchase from an ad, you can fuel your email marketing program by passing some of this info to their profile. 

Now your emails to them can focus on the problem and solution they’ve already told you is interesting to them. If you know they are grandparents, you can talk about grandchildren. If they clicked on an emotionally charged headline, you know they’re emotionally invested. 

You can make the messaging resonate by making it personal. 

The great secondary effect is that you can take email segments and make them custom audiences on Facebook. That means you can start to fully customize the ads people are seeing to have your ads and emails be mutually supportive of this segmentation and personalization strategy. 

And with that, you’re able to build a solid loop of acquisition through conversion and retention built upon reinforcing, synchronized messaging across platforms.

By effectively leveraging Facebook ads and landing pages to fuel your segmentation, you can build a growth loop for more effective marketing campaigns.

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