Crafting A Delightful Journey for Sweet Loren's

Sweet Loren's is renowned for their commitment to creating delicious baked goods made with clean and natural ingredients. The brand's philosophy revolves around creating food products that are free from top allergens, artificial additives, preservatives, and GMOs, aligning with the growing demand for healthier alternatives in the food industry.

Sweet Loren's was founded by Loren Castle, driven by her personal journey to take control over her health and wellbeing after being diagnosed with cancer. Her personal battle inspired a profound mission to revolutionize her relationship with food and eliminate processed ingredients from her diet.

Barrel migrated Sweet Loren's website from WooCommerce to Shopify 2.0 to boost conversion rates and effectively communicate the brand's value propositions through engaging product storytelling.

The migration to Shopify 2.0 included the transition of order data, customer accounts, and products to seamlessly integrate this content into the Sweet Loren's website with ecommerce best practices. This facilitated clear pathways for effortless shopping and immersive brand exploration, enabling users to explore Sweet Loren's extensive collection of recipes and blog content while maintaining a cohesive brand story. With Sweet Loren’s goal of using their site as an educational hub along with the importance of ensuring a smooth online shopping experience, Barrel integrated a holistic ecosystem of Shopify platforms.

Through the integration of Yotpo, customer reviews were effectively highlighted with the goal of improving conversions, building brand credibility, and demonstrating social proof. The website utilizes Tolstoy to provide an immersive educational experience through video commerce on the homepage and product detail pages (PDP), showcasing Sweet Loren's brand story and product usage. Incorporating Tolstoy videos onto these key pages increased the user's average time on the page by 53.8%.

Leveraging Klaviyo, we created personalized email automation flows, including a Welcome flow that educates customers on the brand story and product benefits. Another addition to the website includes the seamless integration of Destini, enabling a robust store locator feature that ensures accurate and up-to-date product availability information.

With Sweet Loren’s growing accessibility and expansion in mind, Barrel designed flexible templates that allow Sweet Loren’s to scale their ecommerce business and add pages for new initiatives. 

Visit Sweet Loren's website here.

Barrel migrated the Sweet Loren’s website from WooCommerce to Shopify 2.0, ensuring a seamless transition and improved functionality.

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