Enter the Virtual World of PDP Gaming

PDP gives every gamer the opportunity to play with gear that is tailored to their personality, style, and interests. #GAMINGFORALL

PDP (Performance Designed Products) sells Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and Nintendo Licensed gear. Their gear includes controllers, headsets, and accessories ranging from beginner to advanced - with unique designs at affordable prices.

Barrel created an engaging DTC experience to enhance conversion rates with a clear pathway for PDP and their gaming community. To launch the rebrand of PDP to the market, Barrel built their site on Shopify Plus.

The design is catered to the Gen Z audience with vibrant pops of color and bespoke animations to capture the inclusivity and fun in gaming. The immersive homepage highlights new collections and products, showcasing their community's set up, and reinforces their mission to create #GAMINGFORALL. 

The "Match Your Set Up" module on the Homepage shows that gaming is a lifestyle and shares inspiration of different communities and customers’ setups. This gives customers the ability to explore different styles that complement the products to fit their own personal style!

The product detail pages (PDP) use custom gradient colors to highlight each product’s style and design. The flexible PDP modules and storytelling modules celebrate all the features aspects of the product and show customers how to best use it.

The community landing page cultivates the diverse community and expression of gamers. Barrel embedded social feeds to exhibit how the audience can interact with the PDP community for a great brand experience. The page also includes testimonials from community members.

Knowing that gamers shop for products by game console, we’ve redesigned the navigation to make the shopping experience quick and seamless. The navigation of the website guides customers through different platforms to help gamers shop for the newest and best-selling gear. 

Barrel designed the console landing pages to highlight the collections and product features. The gradients in the background match their respective console, such as the color green to align with the Xbox.

PDP produces competitive gaming gear under their Victrix brand. To parallel Victrix's collection of elite, competitive esports, Barrel designed a dark mode version of the landing page, product landing page, and product detail page.

Check out their website here pdp.com.

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