Merging Headspace Health and Ginger into Headspace for Organizations' New B2B Ecosystem

Headspace for Organizations is designed to cater specifically to businesses and workplaces, providing tools and resources to support employees' mental well-being and resilience. The program offers guided meditations, coaching, therapy, psychiatry services, mindfulness practices, and EAP services to reduce stress and foster a positive work environment.

Working alongside our sibling agency, BX Studio, Barrel collaborated with Headspace in developing their B2B website ecosystem to ensure a seamless experience to rebrand Headspace Health and Ginger to Headspace for Organizations. In our ongoing partnership, Barrel worked with the Headspace team to design a website that showcases their vision and embraces positive transformation in mental healthcare.

Headspace Navigation

Our objective was to redesign the navigation to ensure a more tailored accommodation for diverse audiences and varied initiatives. We restructured the navigation to guide professionals about the platform's offerings, benefits, and resources. We created distinct spaces for their diverse audience of employers, health plans, consultants, and care providers – providing insights into Headspace's mission, values, and tailored solutions for organizational well-being.

Audience Landing Page 

We built a robust services hub that outlines the breadth of services offered by Headspace, emphasizing its commitment to promoting mental health for organization's specific needs. Understanding that organizations may be unsure how to integrate mental health services into their existing benefits for their employees, we developed a holistic resource library including blogs, events, and webinars.

Blog Post
Marketing Landing Page for Partners 

We created dedicated partner landing pages, for companies like Kaiser and Cigna, to outline how their employees can use Headspace's services, resources, and team of mental health experts.

Headspace Marketing Modules

As Headspace evolves as an organization, the website's flexible, modular design system will make it easier to create new pages for their new initiatives and services.

Visit the Headspace website here.

Barrel is thrilled to collaborate with the Headspace team in revamping their B2B website ecosystem to reflect the brand’s identity and updates.

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