Navigating the World of Wellness with Well+Good 2023 Trends

Founded on the belief that health and wellness should be attainable for all, Well+Good is a premier digital lifestyle publication devoted to inspiring and navigating the ever-expanding world of wellness.

Barrel has been Well+Good’s digital partner for web design, email, development, and strategy. For the past six years, we collaborated with Well+Good to launch their annual Trends Hub, which gives readers a glimpse into the next year of their wellness journey and beyond.

The 2023 Trends Hub is a platform that aims to elevate and empower groundbreaking trends in the modern wellness industry. From beauty to fitness, the 2023 Trends Hub includes articles and educational research from leading wellness experts at the forefront of the industry.

With the use of organic shapes, this year’s 2023 Wellness Trends branding was inspired by fluidity, which reinforces the idea that growth never looks the same to each individual. The hover states uses CSS animation to reveal each trend as we look forward into the new year.

Each Wellness Trend has a rich color palette that translates across the category grid and detail template to visually connect the articles. The article template was designed with features such as highlighted statistics, pull quotes, featured experts, and a shoppable carousel.

With considerations that readers may view the Trends hub across different websites, we’ve adapted the design for accelerated mobile pages (AMP) and Apple News. The hub is optimized for all platforms that readers may view the articles, which includes adapting our designs for AMP or Apple News. 

AMP/Apple News


“Each year we look to Barrel to help us bring our Wellness Trends to life, and every year the whole team—from developers to designers and project managers—immerses themselves in moodboards, inspiration, and thoughtful design to push past the expected and deliver something that's as unique and cutting edge as the trends themselves. It's one of our favorite projects we collaborate on with Barrel.”

- Kendall Bryant (Director of Product)

Check out 2023’s upcoming wellness here:

Since 2016, Barrel has been Well+Good’s digital partner for web design, email, development, and strategy.

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