Redefining Wellness with Relief Factor

Relief Factor is a health and wellness brand specializing in natural pain management and the enhancement of well-being through their range of supplements. Their products are formulated with natural ingredients such as fish oil and turmeric with the primary goal of reducing pain, improving mobility, and promoting a healthy inflammatory response in the body.

With the goal of bringing Relief Factor’s science backed products to life, increasing conversions, and becoming an established household name–Barrel did the complete website redesign using Relief Factor’s newest branding efforts. 

Relief Factor Digital Ecosystem

Relief Factor offers educational resources to make science accessible and aid customers in comprehending product usage and integrating them into daily wellness routines. In addition to providing a range of high-quality wellness products, Relief Factor is committed to making science accessible and building transparency. To bridge the gap between supplements and trust, the landing pages are designed to demystify the science behind the products by breaking down the scientific research into simple information. 

The "Key Ingredients" section available on every Product Detail Page (PDP) serves as a valuable resource for explaining the specific roles played by each ingredient in delivering relief. Similarly, the "Reviews'' section located on the homepage proves to be a useful tool for selecting products, as it features recommendations from satisfied customers. 

The enhanced subscription dashboard now simplifies subscription management for customers, offering streamlined options to manage subscriptions, add one-time products, edit subscription items, skip deliveries, and cancel as needed. Additionally, we strategically positioned upsells within the mini-cart, along with sample products to increase the average order value (AOV).

Subscription Dashboard

To establish Relief Factor as a leading authority in the supplement and wellness space, we designed an editorial hub with blog articles to provide customers with comprehensive information tailored to their specific healthcare needs. For a seamless shopping experience, Barrel integrated placed shopping modules to encourage conversions. 

Relief Factor Blog

Visit the Relief Factor website here.

With the goal of bringing Relief Factor’s science backed products to life, increasing conversions, and becoming an established household name–Barrel did th

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