Seamless Moves with Rentacrate

As the single largest supply of plastic crates, Rentacrate makes moving simple, sustainable and smart by providing their customers with the best equipment, consulting and technology to ease the burden of moving.

Barrel partnered with Rentacrate to optimize their customers’ shopping experience with a new website built on Shopify Plus.

Rentacrate helps with all stages of a move for both residential and commercial customers. Working closely with the Rentacrate team, Barrel created an easy and frictionless experience for selecting crates and services for customers to quickly select and purchase what they need for their move.

Barrel took the guesswork out of selecting crates by providing personalized bundles offered in four simple steps. With these tailored solutions, Rentacrate provides their customers with an easy product discovery and checkout process – and a seamless move!

As Rentacrate provides many services for their customers, Barrel designed a modular landing page template built with, allowing the Rentacrate team maximum flexibility when providing other services to their customers. Through, Rentacrate has the ability to turn on/off sections, shift modules around, and create updates seamlessly. Barrel designed a scalable visual system that can grow with the brand, through image and text modules, social proof carousels, FAQs, and much more, to ensure that the customer feels confident in choosing Rentacrate.

This is my fourth website launch with Barrel — so let’s pause there for a second and recognize the trust they’ve built with me and my team over the years. Candidly, they were not the first agency to touch this project. Rentacrate is an incredible, but complex, business so it took a very unique partner to understand and help architect the experience we were trying to build. As we say internally, ‘This isn’t just selling red pens on the internet.’ We wanted the convenience of running on a standardized backend like Shopify Plus with an experience that could verify multiple address points (no systems do this), offer a curated product selection, schedule delivery, and do it all in only 3 page templates. The moving industry and fraught with complexity and the customer pays the price for that with an often clunky and cumbersome experience. I knew that together with Barrel we could offer a frictionless one-stop-shop for people moving their homes or their businesses that would raise the bar in the industry forever.”

– Dylan Figlo, Chief Marketing Officer at Rentacrate

Check out the website here.

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