The Future of Fruit with Oishii

Oishii is changing the landscape of the agriculture industry with their Omakase Berry, grown in the world's first and largest indoor vertical strawberry farm and known for its high-quality and delicious taste.

Oishii is known for their delicious high-quality Omakase Berry®, which originally hails from the Japanese alps. The conditions of the strawberry’s origin location are perfect for growing the most potent, juicy, and flavorful berry, resulting in a highly-prized product. 

In order to recreate this unique berry, Oishii uses an indoor vertical strawberry farm that replicates the perfect growing conditions. The result is a perfectly juicy strawberry that contains a higher nutrient value and can be grown with a delicious, consistent taste year-round.

Barrel designed Oishii’s new website to educate customers about the Omakase Berry®’s Japanese heritage, and the benefits vertical farming has on their product’s high quality. Through a page dedicated to the berry, visitors can learn more about them, including how they’re grown and how to enjoy them. 

The product pages make it easy for customers to buy the berries online – with a seamless checkout process that offers the option to receive orders via direct delivery or by pre-order, where customers can pick up orders from local stores on a selected date. A redesigned store locator also gives customers the ability to easily find where to buy the high-quality product locally. As of now, Oishii is sold in New York, New Jersey, and Los Angeles.

With Oishii’s growing accessibility and expansion in mind, Barrel designed marketing landing pages and flexible templates to allow their team to scale their ecommerce business and add pages for new initiatives. 

The website’s visual elements help reinforce the sophisticated aesthetic and identity of their brand, which helps emote the harmony of its berry throughout the customer experience.

Visit Oishii’s website here.

Barrel designed Oishii’s new website with a focus on educating customers about their product's heritage and the benefits of vertical farming.

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