Ways to Boost Average Order Value, Conversation Rate, and Lifetime Value with Rebuy

As a direct-to-consumer (DTC) ecommerce agency, Barrel helps brands scale and optimize the DTC experiences they offer, and one of the best ways to do this is by offering personalization to your website. In this article, we’ll give three examples of adding personalization using Rebuy, which aims to boost Average Order Value, Conversation Rate, and Lifetime Value.

Personalization is often a buzzword synonymous with shuffling content and product around on an ecommerce user experience to drive engagement and stickiness for visitors on a brand’s site. Rebuy is a Shopify app that makes personalization painless for brands through easy-to-implement widgets and data sources that put the power of a larger development team in their hands.

Start with the Smart Cart and work out from there

Oftentimes, brands find Rebuy due to their flagship Smart Cart functionality, a fly-out cart that can be tailored to fit a site. Smart Cart is the focal point of many brands when looking to implement personalization via Rebuy due to its easy-to-use features like free shipping thresholds, switch to subscription (powered by apps like Recharge), and embedded upsell and cross-sell widgets.

Brands like Magic Spoon rely on Smart Cart for those upsell and cross-sell widgets. But, the ease of use for a customer makes the buying process dead simple and allows for efficiently navigating to the checkout, a boon for conversion rate as indicated by A/B tests performed by large brands on Rebuy.

If on Shopify Plus, add in relevant cross-sell items for impulse purchase

For brands on Shopify Plus, the use of in-checkout cross-sells can increase AOV. Like the cart cross-sell widget, it natively sits below the items queued for purchase and beckons a quick look. For our client Rowing Blazers, we implemented Rebuy’s in-checkout cross-sell feature to help them recommend related items to users based on their shopping experience, which has allowed Rowing Blazers to cross-sell and increase their average order value (AOV).

For brands with the product catalog to allow it, the most effective types of cross-sells often are impulse purchases less than 50% of the cart total. The idea being that a customer ready to purchase is likely to see a compelling quick offer as a no-brainer on the way to the “checkout” button.

Using Rebuy’s data sources, these cross-sell widgets can know more than who the customer is and what is in the cart when providing a recommendation. Again using data sources, the UTM parameters for the checkout itself can inform content and product changes that make the recommendations extremely tailored to the customer and how they found themselves on that checkout (via social campaigns, emails, ads, etc.). Based on the customer products, Awe surfaces matching accessories to their products to “Complete The Look”.

Rebuy allows the customer to choose upsells or cross-sells all the way through the last stage of checkout. Plus, any cross-sells added will update the cart without affecting the flow at all – no page reloads with lost shipping or billing details.

Post-purchase matters. Reveal a time-sensitive offer before the Thank You page

Once the purchase is made and the checkout is locked, the post-purchase offer provides additional ways to leverage Rebuy. Using post-purchase offers, a brand can make important strides in enhancing the customer experience by letting the customer see more value on the way out the door.

Rebuy seeds these offers using data source rules defined by the merchant to guide the customer to the last items they’ll need to make their purchase perfect. This is an opportunity for the brand to surface a relevant product that not only increases AOV but can improve the overall experience by ensuring the customer has bought the right combination of products.

How We Work with Our Clients to Roll Out Personalization

At Barrel, we continually seek to improve the performance of our clients’ website by reviewing user behavior, ecommerce sales trends, and other data. We highlight opportunities and align with our clients on priorities that make their way onto a roadmap. The roadmap then informs the work we do in our weekly sprints.

Personalization has become more and more common in our conversations with clients and tools like Rebuy are making their way into our clients’ Shopify sites. We help guide clients to choose the features and widgets that make most sense for their customers and do the work of implementation and roll out. Depending on the client, there could be A/B testing to see how much of a lift we get from the personalization features.

We’re very much excited to continue evolving our clients’ websites so that they may deliver more tailored and intelligent experiences for customers. In our view, it’s about continually looking at the data, understanding the customer, and leveraging great UX with technology to roll out website enhancements.

Use Rebuy on your ecommerce website to boost Average Order Value, Conversation Rate, and Lifetime Value.

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