Supporting In-House Teams with Best-In-Class Design

From custom illustrations to social media assets, we partner with our client's in-house teams to provide a range of creative services. Our process is designed to foster strong team collaboration by becoming an extension of the client team while bringing our expertise to the table.

Who Is It For

Custom content drives engages across all of your digital platforms and creates brand cohesion wherever customers discover your brand. Our creative and design support is ideal for companies seeking to enhance their team's capabilities or delegate this work entirely.

We offer flexible retainer plans tailored to your needs, including quarterly retainers or access to a fully dedicated and resourced team.

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Our Creative Services

 Custom Videos & Graphics

We translate your brand vision into visually stunning content that captivates audiences across all digital platforms

 Branded Illustrations & Iconography

Bespoke illustrations and iconography extend your current digital identity system

✓  Social Content

Compelling content tailored for social platforms drive engagement and amplify your brand's presence

 Ad Creative

We create video and static ads that effectively communicate your RTBs and drive traffic to your ecommerce site

 Omni-Channel Campaign Strategy

Integrated omni-channel marketing campaigns optimize your reach and ensure consistent brand messaging for maximum impact

 Amazon A+ Content

Elevate product visibility and sales performance on your Amazon store through custom content, tailored to drive product education and conversion

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Client Success


Launching a 360 Holiday Campaign

Barrel collaborated with Gap to create an omni-channel holiday campaign launch strategy. The festive concepts debuted immediately after the seasonal shift that followed their fall campaign.

Barrel created an approach and concept for the holiday campaign that seamlessly translated across  Gap’s website, email marketing, social channels, and digital ads. This visual style was also used to inform in-store collateral such as signage and printed mailers.

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Client Success


Organic Meal Delivery Education

We worked with Sakara to redesign the UX of their organic meal delivery flow. Following the successful launch of their reimagined meal delivery experience, we created emails and animated ads that highlighted the benefits of their programs to drive traffic to their site and increase subscriptions.

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Client Success

Relief Factor

Omni-Channel Product Education

Relief Factor, a supplement company trusted by thousands to provide relief, makes products with a unique combination of botanical ingredients and fish oil.

After completing the website redesign, we've continued to support Relief Factor with a creative retainer focused on growing their Amazon business and increasing engagement across their other channels.

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Client Success


Bringing Fragrance to Life Through Digital Ads

We collaborated on the launch of Bastide’s flagship ecommerce site, emails, and ad creative to promote their brand ethos and latest product releases.

The animated ads transport the viewer to Provence through lifestyle images of their customers, product, and all-natural ingredients.

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Client Success


Leveraging Digital Ads as How To Videos and Social Proof

To position Hurom as the best-in-class premium juicer, we generated various creative assets including photography, custom illustrations, and video ads.

This included showing customers how effective their juicers are through video ads that drove engagement and conversion with existing and prospective customers.

Client Success


Showing Customers a Different Way to Move

As Rentacrate's long-term ecommerce partner, we have worked with them on a variety of website and creative asset tasks to acquire new leads for their B2B business. This includes creating video assets to explain what makes Rentacrate unique.

We created a targeted ad to announce Rentacrate's latest partnership with Bellhop, highlighting their end-to-end services, including packing, moving, and restoring spaces to original lease conditions.

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Client Success

Lil Mixins

Early Allergen Introduction & Product Education

In conjunction with their website redesign, we launched Lil Mixins on Amazon to educate parents about early allergen introduction, tell their product story, and encourage conversion.

We created branded illustrations, graphics, and product images to highlight the different allergens that Lil Mixins' products address and how to use their products. This education was especially important because Lil Mixins products are designed for different stages of pregnancy and infant development.

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Client Success

Smarty Pants

Pairing Customer Goals with Product Benefits

As SmartyPants' long-time partner, we created creative assets for their website, emails, and ads. This included tying the benefits of their products to customer concerns to help them find the perfect product for their needs.

Each ad educated customers about their supplement's ingredients and health benefits, highlighting the quality and care that goes into each gummy and supplement.

Client Success

Italian Rose

Bringing Snacking to All

Italian Rose came to Barrel to launch a series of ads to raise brand awareness. The ads highlighted their latest products including chips and salsa through a mixture of static and video assets.

The ads brought Italian Rose's brand personality to life through educational tips, ingredient spotlights, and games.

Client Success


Building a New Revenue Stream

To build a new revenue stream for simplehuman, we launched their business on Amazon to connect customers with the perfect high-tech products for their home needs.

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Client Success


Integrating Sustainability and Lawn Care Education

Instead, an all-natural lawn care company from Scotts Miracle Gro, came to Barrel to launch their innovative brand that changed the way Americans thought about caring for their lawn.

We created digital ads and social content that educated customers about how often to order the product, when to put the grass-seed down, and how often to water based on their region. We also leveraged UGC in the ads to build credibility and drive customer acquisition.

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